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October 27, 2019 @ 01:00

The Cloverfield Paradox: A sort of thriller/horror in a space station. Reminds me a bit of Event Horizon, which isn't a bad thing in general, but there just isn't much original here.

And then they went and tied this into the Cloverfield series, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

Rotor DR1: This movie is actually a film-length cut of a web series, with a budget of $300k. Overall, it feels amateurish and unpolished, often disjointed, and doesn't flow very well. Feels really 1980s in a lot of ways - the drone race is especially hilarious. It even has a music video scene!

I'm going to just say "meh".

Bright: The usual "buddy cop" movie with an alien, basically Alien Nation but with magical elves. Really predictable ending, though I didn't mind watching it. Honestly, there's something cool about bad-ass elves.

Hotel Artemis: JWZ described this one really well: "If you wanted a spinoff story about the John Wick hotel manager, this is that. I did want that. It delivered." I also wanted that.

Scorched Earth: A sort of post-apocalyptic western. I seem to be watching a lot of low-budget crap lately, but this one was just one predictable cliché after another. All of the characters were exceptionally unlikable. Should I also point out that while one of the main quirks of the world is poisoned air, they treat the insides of buildings as if the air in them is perfectly fine, but there are no airlocks? Maybe I shouldn't.

Don't miss the dodge Dodge Charger Daytona made up to look like some weird 4WD thing.

I got as far as the Big Baddie's Sgt. Pepper dinner outfit and bailed.

There is, however, one scene where the character "Doc" is wearing a hat which looks like a bird pooped on it - I cracked up imagining the prop people getting all excited when they were putting that one together.

AXL: A boy and his (robot) dog. Predictable, seems like low-budget but they sure did a lot of CG. Don't waste your time.

IO: Another post-apocalyptic wasteland movie. The idea here was somewhat interesting, but the movie ended up being kinda boring. And then the "big reveal" near the end wasn't much of a surprise by the time it finally happened. I hoped for better.

Annihilation: I went into this one having never seen the trailer or heard anything at all about it. If you can do that, you should - this movie was really freaky and overall pretty amazing. I was on the edge of my seat! The ending wasn't much of a climax, and leaves more questions than answers, but it works.