static website generation with jekyll

July 2, 2018 @ 10:18

So in an earlier post I mentioned I’d be rebuilding all of my dynamically generated website stuff with a static generator. Still doing that, but now I’m using Jekyll.

Mostly, I decided I just wouldn’t re-invent the wheel.

Some tricks

The posts tree

That tree on the left there - that’s generated with a method similar to in this blog post, and uses jquery.treeview at the moment (must get around to updating that).

The tags list

Also on the left, the tags list is auto-generated. Individual tag pages are automatically generated using jekyll-tagging.

Instagram collection

On the right, we’ve got posts pulled from my Instagram account, using their soon-to-be-deprecated Instagram API. I have a script which basically generates a Jekyll Collection from the available posts, and then I render that with a simple bit of Liquid.

Probably I’m going to have to do some really annoying data scraping if I want to keep having this work in the future.


Plugins are done in Ruby. I don’t like Ruby.

Also, a lot of the URLs have changed, but I’m not sure just how much I care about that. I mean, who would be linking to this site?