so tired of you

February 16, 2012 @ 16:55

Google, I’m getting really tired of you.

The perceptive reader will note that some of the images in the G+ column at the right there are now broken. I haven’t changed anything in the code, so it’s definitely something on Google’s side.

I’m really tempted to just remove that entire G+ feed and be done with it, it’s far more hassle than it’s worth.

I have a similar issue at work: I have been trying to get people to pick a single calendar system, and since our email is done via gmail now, we figured that Google Calendar is the answer. But of course, it’s almost perfect, yet doesn’t do what we need (allow printing calendars with a custom template to add our company logo and contact info), and thus is almost completely useless to us.

I submitted a bug for the Google Data Python API today too, apparently you can’t actually delete calendars without it throwing an exception. Nice.