recent television

February 25, 2022 @ 15:46

The Magicians: I'd started this some years ago but got bogged down after about 4 episodes, but now I've watched it all, and it turns out it's actually pretty great! It's intentionally campy and silly often, but the characters are really well developed and interesting. It even had a reasonable ending!

I Am Not Okay With This: Hilarious and awkward and sometimes really uncomfortable, I'm laughing then cringing then on the edge of my seat. This was really great. Of course that means it got cancelled after just the first season. Grr.

Wynonna Earp: Often overly campy and silly, this started out with a pretty questionable premise but made it work really well... at first. The first few seasons were decent. The last one though... it's jumped so many sharks, I'm not sure how I'm going to finish this.

In From the Cold: Neat "former Russian spy is back" show with a bit of an interesting twist. Pretty good overall, though the magic technology and computer hacking was tedious, and the ending... that was just stupid, why'd they have to go and do that?

Legacies: I really do not know what made me watch the first few episodes of this. Typical CW crap with thin, overly dramatic plots and cardboard cut-out characters. Probably decent if you're into angsty teenage werewolves, vampires, and witches. I'm going to say avoid unless you're a teenage girl.

Bonding: This is a pretty interesting concept. I kinda like the female co-star, she's interesting and has a complicated back-story. The male co-star though just aggrivates me so much that it ruins the entire show. Though I don't think that was very hard - it's one of those concepts that could only go through a couple of episodes before running out of interesting plots, and in this case, it feels like they're just ticking off items on a checklist of fetishes. I haven't finished it.