hacker kangaroo

October 15, 2014 @ 22:17

Building on what Stephen said in his post When is a Martini Not a Martini, I have decided to name a drink.

Some time ago (quite some time indeed), I worked at Federal Express as a box thrower. I mean, package handler. Make sure you pack well, trust me. Anyway, I saw a lot of boxes. At one point, I noticed a box containing Triple Eight Vodka. Being a fan of such things, I was curious, and at some point later I had the chance to try this. Great stuff.

Vodka is one of those things that everyone says when good, shouldn’t taste like anything. I think that’s wrong - it should have taste, but it shouldn’t have bad taste. What’s the point of liquor that is tasteless? I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t drink to get drunk.

So there was this bottle of Triple Eight in my freezer, and then it was gone. Having recently sampled Crystal Head Vodka, I decided to take advantage of the sale at the local Total Wine and buy a bottle of this as a replacement. And as a bonus, it’s even signed by Dan Akryod!

Recently I’ve been almost exclusively an Old Fashioned drinker. I’m not sure there’s a better cocktail (though I do love a good Negroni), and I’m not very picky which whiskey goes into them. But there’s this bottle of Vodka in my freezer that I must admit isn’t quite as good as the previous bottle, so why not finish it off so I can go back to the Triple Eight?

Today’s cocktail is a mashup of the Gibson Martini and the Kangaroo Cocktail - 2.5oz vodka, 0.5oz dry vermouth, and a cocktail onion.

I’m calling it a Hacker Kangaroo.

This is where you get my extremely subtle pop culture reference. Right?